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Città di Castello neighborhood

  1. Citerna

    Citerna Citerna, situated on a hill above the Cerfone and Sovara streams, is dedicated to agriculture even if in the last few years it has become a popular holiday resort.In past centuries, the fate of the former "Civitas Sobariae" followed that of larger neighbouring towns from the times of the barbarian invasions, rule under the Papal State, and occupation by the Germans who nearly destroyed its... Details
  2. Città di Castello

    città-di-castello  For the most part still surrounded by town walls dating back to the 16th century, the town of Città di Castello spreads out along the Tiber valley, on the spot where the Romans had founded the township of Tifernum Tiberinum.After having been sacked and destroyed on the orders of Totila during the barbarian invasions, it was rebuilt under Bishop Florido and first took the name of Castrum... Details
  3. Lisciano Niccone

    Lisciano Niccone The small town of Lisciano Niccone, which is to be found in the valley of the "Niccone" stream, nowadays has less than a thousand inhabitants, whose main activity is agriculture.After having been part of the dominion of Perugia during the Middle Ages, the town passed under the rule of the Papal State in the 16th century and followed that State's slow decay. Nowadays, it still preserves the ruins... Details
  4. Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

    Monte Santa Maria Tiberina The town of Monte S. Maria Tiberina is situated in the valley of the Aggia stream, placed in a panoramic position which has made it become a popular holiday resort.The town, whose main industry nowadays is agriculture, in former times used to be the strong-hold of the Marquis Del Monte family. The buildings of major interest for the tourist in search of architectural beauty are without doubt... Details
  5. Montone

    Montone As with the major part of the towns in this zone which are not placed along the Tiber valley,Montone was founded on a hill in a beautiful panoramic position between two tributaries of the Tiber river: the Carpina and the Lana rivers.Having already been a strong-hold during the Middle Ages, it was later controlled by the families which dominated the area, such as : the Del Monte, the Fortebraccio... Details
  6. Pietralunga

    Pietralunga Pietralunga town, which is situated in a controlling position in the Carpinella valley, was the seat of a Roman settlement because of its strategic placement. Its present aspect, surrounded by town walls and with its well-preserved strong-hold, is however, the result of urban developement during the Middle Ages.The town's most important building is without doubt the Parrochial church which was... Details
  7. San Giustino

    San Giustino Nowadays, San Giustino is a town of modern aspect whose main industries apart from agriculture,are the metal-working and nutritional industries. Bufalini Castle, which was erected in 1422, testifies to the ancient history of this town, which was first feud of the Dotti, then of the Bufalini family. This building, which was transformed into a magnificent villa by the Vasari, contains, in the... Details
  8. Umbertide

    Umbertide Umbertide, which, in the area, is second in importance only to Città di Castello, was founded at around the 10th century according to the wishes of Uberto son of the King of Italy, and took the name of "Fracta filiorum Uberti".>> Do you want to visit Umbertide? Check it out now of the best hotels in its vicinityIts fate during the Middle Ages followed sometimes that of Perugia, in other... Details

Città di Castello neighborhood: to see

  1. Museo Collezione Burri Città di Castello
    Collezione Burri
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Thanks to donations by the artist Alberto Burri of the first 32 canvases to hishometown in 1978 was born Burri Collection. Today it displays about 130 worksin the...

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