Artistic and cultural points of interest in Umbria

From Perugino to Alberto Burri, from Pinturicchio to Gerardo Dottori: Umbria has created a perfect marriage of art and culture that gave birth to many works that will remain in history and you can visit the many art galleries and museums of the region.

Not only that. Umbria and its territory, thanks to their charm, have over time been able to inspire the great poets and writers of all time: Virgilio, George Byron, Giosuè Carducci, Herman Hesse, and many others.

Bella Umbria offers places of interest in culture and art, with detailed information on times, places and collections to visit.

▌ Points of interest

Il Perugino

Pietro Vannucci best known as “Perugino”, is considered as one of the most important character in the renascence age and the most representative painter in Umbria of the XVth century.

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The Minimetrò

The Minimetrò is the characteristic means of transport Perugia ecological and innovative that allows you to reach the center without having to use the machine.

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Collegio del Cambio

Located inside Palazzo dei Priori, Collegio del Cambio between 1452 and 1457  was the seat of a powerful corporation which brought together Perugia’s bankers.

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“Colle Eletto” Cable Car

The Colle Eletto Cable Car connects the town of Gubbio with Mount Ingino, where the Basilica of St. Ubaldo stands and where the body of St. Ubaldo is kept.

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Permanent Exhibition of Ancient Crafts and Rural Life

.The Exhibition of Ancient Crafts and Rural Life, next to ‘Casa Nuova’ farmhouse in Assisi, near Perugia, thanks to the Fortini family and their passion for ancient things, especially related to the rural world and craft of Umbria (Italy).

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