Horse Riding in Umbria

Horse Riding is an important sport in Umbria which concerns different types of activities: the equestrian centers where learning to ride up horses, the farmhouses with riding stables that offer to their guests the option of hiking and trekking by horse.

The equestrian culture in the Umbrian region is well developed especially for the largely rural nature of its territories, which have seen in the recent past horse always present in the daily lives of many people. Considered one of the noblest animals, the horse is the perfect combination of pet and farm animal. It is often a perfect company for sports (equestrian) and for leisure activities (walks).

Moreover, the Umbria, for its strong link with tradition and folklore, often stages events, exhibitions and events related to commemorations of historical events, where the horse is almost always the protagonist.

▌ Points of interest

Calledro Horse riding center

Il centro equitazione Calledro è situato in un'oasi unica all'estremo limite del Comune di Narni, sul lago di San Liberato e al confine con il Lazio. La scuola di equitazione [...]
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Horse Riding Center San Biagio

Il Centro Ippico San Biagio si trova nelle campagne di Perugia, in una zona verdeggiante e ricca di fascino, il cui paesaggio è dominato dai campi coltivati a grano e [...]
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Poggio del Pero Horse Riding Center

Dal 20 al 30 Giugno 2019, il Mercato delle Gaite torna ad animare le strade e le piazze del borgo medievale di Bevagna. Il Mercato delle Gaite è certamente una [...]
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