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Discover Umbria by bike

Umbria, thanks to the shape of its territory, full of hilly which alternate with flat areas, is the ideal place for mountain bikers and offers a range of itineraries and routes for different types of activities related to bikes.

If your passions are speed and runs the risk of dirt, in complete freedom, the downhill is the right for you. In Umbria you can find trails suited to this sport in particular that from Parco Batteria in San Liberatore (Terni) consists almost entirely in the undergrowth: the first part full of curves and in support of jumps, the second part is more technical in the ditch and the third is out of the woods at great speed.

Calledro Farm offers a variety of paths ranging from leisurely family routes to those for more advanced biking pastimes. A shuttle service is also on offer to bring bikers to the downhill cycling facility. This facility, the heart of the bike park, has trails specifically designed for everyone, from first time riders to experts.

But if you love nature and beautiful landscapes, you can try many paths dedicated to cycling, which extend throughout the region, through very beautiful places and giving you the chance to fully enjoy the scenery and the tourist’s excellences of Umbria.

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