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AREA: 71kmq
HOLIDAY : 28 gennaio
SAINT PATRON: Sant'Emiliano

As with the the greater part of the medieval towns in this area, Trevi rises up on a hill dominating the plain where the river Clitunno flows, between Foligno and Spoleto.

One of the most interesting artistic monuments for whoever visits this town is without doubt the Church of St. Emiliano of the 12th century, with three apses decorated with pilaster strips and small arches supported by wall-brackets. Inside the church, you'll find the Altar of the Sacrament, a very fine work of art attributed to Rocco of Vicenza (1522). Apart from the Church of St. Francis built in the Gothic style and dating back to the 13th century, which contains frescoes of the 14th and 15th centuries, we recommend a visit to the Pinoteca lodged in the Town Hall (15th century), where you can admire a Madonna by Pinturicchio and a Coronation of Mary by Spagna. Being situated slightly outside the town, you'll shortly arrive at the Madonna of the Tears (1487) with a beautiful fresco by Perugino and the Romanic Church of St. Peter at Bovara.

Highlight - Foligno neighborhood