Museums and art galleries in Umbria: information and insights

Bella Umbria offers a list of museums and art galleries in the region with information about locations, opening times, ticket prices and contact details to contact the individual museums. In addition, each museum has an in-depth section on the history and works and collections to visitors.

▌ Points of interest

Lungarotti Wine museum

The Wine Museum was opened to the public in 1974 and is now managed by the Lungarotti Foundation. It is located in Torgiano in the pars agricola of the monumental Graziani-Baglioni Maison, a 17th century noble summer residence.

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Pinacoteca Comunale in Spoleto (Municipal Art Gallery)

This very particular portable crucifix, tempera on a table of 39×49 cm, was realized by the Maestro of St.Alò and can be admired in the Pinacoteca Comunale in Spoleto. 

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Pinacoteca Comunale Orneore Metelli (Municipal Art Gallery)

The Municipal Art Gallery “Orneore Metelli” and the Museum “Aurelio De Felice” until recently, were located in the eighteenth century Palazzo Gazzoli of Terni.

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CAOS Centro Arti Opificio Siri (Siri Factory Arts Centre)

The CAOS – Centro Arti Opifico Siri is an area of 6000 square meters born of the transformation of the former chemical factory ex Siri into a new center for modern and contemporary art that elevates the city of Terni to new center of umbrian contemp

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Guido Calori Museum

The Museum of Guido Calori is housed in the cloister of the seventeenth centurypalace that was once the convent of Poor Clares of San Gemi

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