Umbria Trekking
The pleasure of walking in the Umbrian countryside

The walkers and hikers will find in Umbria the ideal area to best express their passion. From the High Tiber Valley to the Nera Valley, Umbria is a region full of trekking paths and routes with different levels of difficulty, suitable for all ages.

From amateurs to most intransigent hikers, all of them will appreciate the pleasure of a open air walk in Umbria, between the green of its pure nature and the frame of its wonderful landscape.

A meaningful example, the famous and magnificent plain of Castelluccio di Norcia

Trekking into the Regional Umbrian Parks
You will find many paths to experience trekking in Umbria, expecially ones through the lands of the Natural Parks of the region: Colfiorito Park, Cucco Mount Park, National Park of Sibillini Mounts, S.T.I.N.A. Parks, Subasio Mount Park, Trasimeno Park, River Nera Park and River Tiber Park.

Here they are: find out more with our suggestions!

National Park of Sibillini Mounts

Between history and legend, arctic ice lakes, a unique flowering and many paths, the park is an international destination of hikers and mountaineers.
From Spring to Autumn, you can explore the area and discover both the natural and the historical-cultural environment.
The historical routes cross the medieval villages located on the slopes of the Sibillini Mounts; pleasant walks will lead you into contact with a fascinating mosaic of rural life; the wild nature and the magical world of the peaks, however, can be reached through more demanding excursions, for which experience, training and suitable equipment are often required.

S.T.I.N.A. Park

The Natural area including Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana is formed by 40.000 hectares divided into three different protected areas, characterized by green forests, mountain environment and a vulcanological area. The tourist-cultural and environmental itineraries, will allow you to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Park of Subasio Mount

The Subasio Mount is the natural setting that, at the same time, separates and connects Assisi, Spello, Valtopina and Nocera Umbra. An area rich in history, nature and culture, for the so-called Mount of “Francesco” with its “path”, the great sinkholes, the small villages scattered among the green slopes and the olive groves.

Park of Trasimeno Lake

A unique landscape characterizes the protected area of Trasimeno Lake, a lakeside environment surrounded by hills that create a wonderful natural setting. There are 16 ring itineraries, marked according to the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) standard, for a dense network that from the surrounding hills crosses the Umbrian countryside and lines the shores of the lake.

The Park’s protected area also includes the splendid Polvese Island, a real natural oasis, the largest island of the Trasimeno. Read also our article on What to See on Polvese Island.

Colfiorito Park

It is the smallest natural area of Umbria, a oasis of biodiversity, the perfect place for a walk surrounded by a unique and interesting landscape. The stone basin of Plestini Plateau are alternated with the lake ambience of Colfiorito Swamps, a reign of many species of birds.

Cucco Mount Park

Along the north-east boundaries of Umbria, this park offers a magnificent landscape: valleys, peaks, terracing, canyons, charming woods and centuries-old beech trees with their high trunks which dominate the mounts slopes and cliffs.

This park is ideal for lovers of trekking because of its long suggestive paths through the area, but not only: mountain bikes, canyoning, paragliding… all the adventure sports are waiting for you!

Park of Nera River

A protected area of great environmental value, as well as of a dramatic impact, including the area of Nera Valley from Ferentillo to Piediluco Lake and Marmore Falls, along the Velino and Nera rivers. Defined in fact the “Water Park”, this area covers over 2000 hectares to be discovered with the dense network of trails that cross it.

Park of Tevere River
The area covers almost 8000 hectares, including the lands near Todi, the Valle della Pasquarella and Civitella del Lago, with their charming views and the rich natural heritage. The trails that run through these places are full of charm, but beware of absent signage.

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