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AREA CODE: 0763 POST CODE: 05016
AREA: 65kmq
POPULATION: ficullesi
HOLIDAY : 18 settembre
SAINT PATRON: Sant'Eumenio

lthough Ficulle's origins date back to the Pre-Roman Period, when a rural population of modest dimensions used the caves of this area as simple burial-grounds, the village assumed a well-defined identity only with the Roman Empire Period, when it became an important point of control along the Cassia Road.

Its present day appearance is, however, a result of the Medieval Period when initially under the domination from Orvieto, and later in the more vast rule of the pontifical kingdom, the urban fabric developed in a typical intertwine of streets and squares. Noteworthy are the Santa Maria Vecchia Church from the 13th Century, with gothic shapes appearing in the ogival arches and supports, the Santa Maria Nuova Church built, unlike the former one, inside the village, the castle of the hall from the 12th to the 13th Century, and the residence of Castelmaggiore nobles.

Highlight - Orvieto neighborhood