Museums and art galleries in Umbria: information and insights

Bella Umbria offers a list of museums and art galleries in the region with information about locations, opening times, ticket prices and contact details to contact the individual museums. In addition, each museum has an in-depth section on the history and works and collections to visitors.

▌ Points of interest

Lungarotti Oil museum

Created as a companion collection to the Wine Museum by Lungarotti Fundation, the Olive and Oil Museum is located in a small nucleus of medieval houses within the town walls.

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The Museum of the captains of fortune and peasant

The Museum of the captains of fortune and of civilization is located in the basementof the Castle of Alviano and collects tools and farm implements of the agricultural world

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Archaeological Museum of Amelia

The Archaeological Museum of Amelia is one of the major museums of the city center, currently housed at Palazzo Boccarini, preserved Roman and early medieval archeology, archaeological remains of the ancient town of Amel

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Museum Ovo Pinto

A unique museum that collects thousands of carved and painted eggs, fruit works of National Competition Show “OVO PINTO” born in 1982 in Civitella del Lago, the intuition of Anacleto Bernardini, president of a cultural youth.

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Museum of the Mummies

The Museum of the Mummies of Ferentillo is one of the most characteristic and visited museums in the area.

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