Museums and art galleries in Umbria: information and insights

Bella Umbria offers a list of museums and art galleries in the region with information about locations, opening times, ticket prices and contact details to contact the individual museums. In addition, each museum has an in-depth section on the history and works and collections to visitors.

▌ Points of interest

Collezioni Comunali Cascia

The sculpture measures 88 centimeters, and is kept in Cascia, in the Cascia Municipal Collections.

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Strozzi Tower

Strozzi Tower, located in Perugia Perlasca Road, is now an exhibition, a real dedicated space where history, art and nature come together. Managed from the Art Center, with its annual program, it want to be a point of reference for regional and national contemporary art

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Visitor Center and Documentation “U. Ciotti” Carsulae

A short distance from San Gemini and Terni stands the town of Roman origin of Carsulae, one of the most interesting archaeological sites of Umbria.

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The Carapace

The Carapace is a unique masterpiece of art, that mixes the boundary between sculpture and architecture

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Calamita Cosmica: a Foligno l’opera di De Dominicis

The Cosmic Magnet is a monumental and controversial work by the Italian sculptor Gino De Dominicis, exhibited inside the former Church of the Santissima Trinità Annunziata in the historic center of Foligno.

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