Strozzi Tower, located in Perugia Perlasca Road, is now an exhibition, a real dedicated space where history, art and nature come together. Managed from the Art Center, with its annual program, it want to be a point of reference for regional and national contemporary art (painting, photography, graphic art and sculpture, especially that of the iron).
Admission is free and the Tower is open from Friday to Sunday including public holidays.

The Tower owes its name to Giovanni Battista Strozzi Francis, Duke of Bagnolo and Principe of Forano, that according to a recording of cadastre in 1715, was the owner of a plot of land called “Land of Sansugo … with small vineyard and existing tower, located near Pieve San Quirico”.
Based on this research for the Superintendence for Fine Arts in Perugia it was natural to assign to the structure the denomination of Strozzi Tower.

How to visit the Strozzi Tower

Today, while maintaining the name, archival sources show more back in time, around 1570, though the exact origins of the structure are not yet certain. It is assumed that in the past for its architectural and structural type, the tower was an isolated military outpost, as it was located in very strategic area, so important for the boundaries between the Papal State, the river Tiber, Gubbio, Perugia, Città di Castello and Tuscany.
It is assumed that has been a shelter for the Zoccolanti Friars, then finally to the present day to misuse as dovecote. Despite the degradation and the dilapidated structure, the tower was completely restored by its current owner, that in compliance with the historical and artistic features, has become it in an important center of Contemporary Art.