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Going up on the left side of the Chiascio valley one gets to Sigillo, agricultural center of ancient origins laying at the bottom of Monte Cucco. The village, having roman origins, (anciently Suillum), was destroyed at the beginning of the XIII century, and reconstructed and enlarged by Perugia on 1274. At the beginning of the XV century it was taken over by the papal state, keeping for long times special privileges. Ippolito Borghese, a very active painter, expecially in the Napoli area, painted and left here a remarkable signed painting (Annunciazione) with date and a self-portrait, stored in the curch of S.Agostino with a cross of golden copper by Enrico di Piamonte. Other remarkable atistic monuments are the church of S. Anna, and the ruines of a huge Roman bridge said Spiano realized with huge square blocks probably during August empire.

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