Religious and spiritual points of interest in Umbria

Umbria is a region known historically as the land related to religion and spirituality,the phenomenon dates back to ancient times when Christianity was not yet common in our country, and in many parts of the Umbria, thriving intellectual centers of worship and related pagan religions of various kinds.

Just think of places like Todi, where he worshiped the God Mars or Gubbio (Iguvium), where in pre-Roman times the ancient Umbrians celebrate religious ceremonies in honor of the city-state.

With the advent of Christianity in Umbria is crucial that became the center of Christian spirituality and gave birth to many saints and important figures like St. Francis, St. Clare, St. Valentine, St. Scholastica and St. Rita of Cascia.

Over time, the Umbria has become the cradle of spiritual and devotional movements that have helped to build places of celebration of great importance, including churches, monasteries and convents.

Bella Umbria offers the greatest places of religious and spiritual in Umbria.

▌ Points of interest

Sanctuary of Rivotorto in Assisi

The church of Santa Maria of Rivotorto, famous as the “Sanctuary of Rivotorto”, is located in the homonymous village, a few kilometres south of the city of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

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Festa del Perdono – Celebration of Pardon

According to tradition, one night in 1216 AD. St. Francis was visited during the prayer in the Porziuncola by Christ and the Blessed Mother

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Chapel of the Transit

The Chapel of the Transit is nowadays located of the right part of the apse of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, not far away from the church of the Porziuncola.

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Church of St. Peter

The first documents about the church of St. Peter are dating back to the last years of the 10th century; however it is given that the actual aspect is the results of a large restructuring work realized around 1255 after Christ. 

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Church of St. Damiano

La chiesa di San Damiano non riveste ovviamente una grande importanza dal punto di vista artistico, specie se la si mette a confronto con alcune delle basiliche di Assisi, tuttavia è un [...]
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