If you love outdoor sports and adventure, our green Umbria and its rivers are perfect for enjoying rafting: we want to suggest you the best places for rafting in Umbria, perhaps the best and funniest way to enjoy its rivers and falls!

The Umbrian region is a land of waterfalls and rivers surrounded by woods: it is a perfect scenary for this sport that offers unforgettable emotions. Rafting combines adventure and beauty of the landscapes viewed by a unique point of view, the “inside of river” one.

On the contrary of what people believe, rafting is a quite simple sport to practice: you have to swim, to be in good health and to observe some base safety rules.

 Do you want to practice rafting in Umbria and then to relax yourself in a farm house with swimming pool? Here is a list of the best ones in Umbria!

Rafting Marmore in Umbria

The first place we want to suggest you is an exceptional natural location for rafting in Umbria: the Marmore Falls.

Located at only 1:30 hours from Rome, just underneath the highest fall of Europe, the Nera river flows among the rocks for more than 3 kilometers, creating exciting rapids, surrounded by lush vegetation and by a charming natural landscape.

Wear the water rafting clothes, the life jacket and the helmet, then jump into the rubber boat to live thrill and adventures!

Rafting along the Corno River in Umbria 

The second place we want to suggest you for rafting is Corno River, a perfect site for a quiet descent immersed into the nature.

If you are inexperienced sportivemen or also if you can not swim, but you not want to miss the magic of rafting in Umbria, the descent of a river such as the Corno River is ideal for you. Inside the Nera River Park, between the villages of Arrone and Ferentillo, you will go through 12 kilometers along the river for a special “walk” into the nature, descending the waters.

Rafting along Corno River has two water path of a duration of about 2 hours, in a ambience of maximum security.

The waters of this river digs deep canyon against the calcareous rocks, drawing narrow bottlenecks of foaming water, such as the grip of Biselli. Here you will enjoy a bath into the river and drinking pure water from a spring that flows directly from the rock.

In several areas of the Corno River you will also have the chance of practicing hydro-speed: you will be carry along the water by its own force, attached by hand to a kind of plastic bob.

Rafting and much more

In Valnerina you can also try rock climbing, archery and adventure courses because this area is perfect for rafting but also for many other outdoor sports.

From sailing to horse riding, going for trekking on foot or by bike, off-road trips orientereeng, downhillskydiving for the more adventurous and charming funny trekking riding donkeys for the more relaxed, the green Umbria is the ideal setting for outdoor activities!