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Castel Viscardo

Castel Viscardo

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AREA: 26kmq
POPULATION: castellesi
HOLIDAY : 23 aprile

Situated in the Paglia Valley, Castel Viscardo has origins going back to the 13th Century, when Guiscardo from Pietrasanta, grandson of Urbano IV, began the construction of the castle.

A suggestive legend is associated right on the castle: the legend of the "dama bianca", a noblewoman to whom the castle belonged, who still wanders around in the rooms during the nights of a full moon. Of note, the parish Church, within which one can admire an ivory crucifix, which was donated, by the King of the Sun, Luigi XIV, to an Apostolic Delegate of the Spada family, and a flag of a Turkish ship, which was a war prize of an expedition of another member of the Spada family.At Castel Viscardo, during the 16th Century, the production of bricks was very important: the Fornaci are an evidence of this fact, which have produced raw materials for the restoration projects of important monuments such as the Colosseo, Piazza del Campo at Siena, and others.

Highlight - Orvieto neighborhood