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Castel Ritaldi

Castel Ritaldi

AREA CODE: 0743 POST CODE: 06044
AREA: 22kmq
POPULATION: castelritaldesi
HOLIDAY : 16 luglio
SAINT PATRON: Santa Marina

Taking the road from Spoleto to Montefalco, one finds the town of Castel Ritaldi, which, obviously, even if it is not to to be compared with other larger towns of the region as regards works of art, is not without buildings of a certain artistic interest. In fact, other than the castle, one should not forget to visit the parochial church of St. Marina, the church of St. Nicola, the church of St. Gregorio in Nido, the latter which demonstrates, on the decorations of its facade the evident influence of the Spoleto style, and the Sanctuary of "La Bruna", which dates back to the 16th century.

Highlight - Spoleto neighborhood