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Attigliano is located close to the river Tevere. Its history is old and rich. Its name comes from the latin word Ad Tilium, meaning throughout countries with plenty of limes. During the etrurian age the town was already thriving, but it is during the middle ages that the town had the most glorious period. At this time a powerful castle, whose towers are still preserved, was constructed for order of the count Offredo.The town was under different administrations during feudalism and renaissance; under the dominion of Bartolomeo d’Alviano its history merged with the one of the close town of Alviano. Finally, during the XV century it was the pope to obtain the administration of the town.The church of S. Lorenzo Martire, although not very aged, still offers interesting artistical trends. Remarkable the Castle square (Piazza della Rocca), whose style is maily late renaissance, with the bell tower.

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