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AREA CODE: 0744 POST CODE: 05031
AREA: 41kmq
POPULATION: arronesi
HOLIDAY : 24 giugno
SAINT PATRON: San Giovanni Battista

At the end of the 9th century, a Roman nobleman called Arrone, who had impossessed himself of the Valnerina valley, took over one of the rocky precipices which arise there, and constructed a fortified castle, originally made of wood and later reconstructed in stone.

This castle was the town's first nucleus, and gave it its name. Later on, the feud was extended from Papigno to S. Pietro in Valle, from Miranda to Labro, from Lake Piediluco to Melaci and to Polino. During the 13th century, the inhabitants of Arrone continually lost more and more land, autonomy and prestige to Spoleto. Therefore, in 1315, the men of Arrone took over all the communal territory from the former lords, in 1542 gave themselves a statuteand promoted the ribellion of the lower Valnerina region against the feudal sistem of Spoleto (17th and 18th centuries). After having been burned and sacked by the French in 1799, townships which had been autonomous up until that time were ceded to Arrone with the reconstruction of the papal government. 

The upper inhabited part of the town conserves the original medieval structure, with the old town walls and the typical narrow and picturesque lanes. Its vicinity to the river Nera has made possible the production of numerous events connected with the river, for example, competitions of descents in canoes, in self-constructed floating vessels etc., which are held during the summer season. Furthermore, don't miss the representation of the living Nativity (creche) at Arrone.

Highlight - Terni neighborhood