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vasi piatti ceramica

Vases en céramique et de plaques


Flower Vase
The ceramic vases, used as vases for flowers but also as artistic vases for the ornament of the house, are realized with great care from the most expert craftsmen of the region.

Ceramic plates dish and Ceramic tableware
The Italian tableware, like for example a ceramic dish and plates or a tray, are studied by the maestro of the Italian ceramic as ideal superficies for the most complicated decorations

Ceramic mug
The ceramic mug can be a simple object of common use, like in the case of the ceramic coffee mug, but also a refined porcelain mug.

Ceramic pot and Ceramic teapot
A ceramic pot and a ceramic teapot are objects of common use, intended for cooking of food and therefore where the ceramic expresses in the best way its thermal properties. However, the Umbrian craftsmen have made of the ceramic pot and of the ceramic teapot, but also of the other kitchenware, real artistic products.

Ceramic lamp
A ceramic lamp is an object of great artistic value, not only an ordinary complement of furnishing. The ceramic lamp is furnishing by itself the room thanks to its rich ornament and to its particular luminous diffusion that is given by the porcelain.

Ceramic bowls
The basins and the ceramic bowls are among the easiest tableware accessories to realize, but this does not mean that the decoration will be less refined and precious. In effect, the ceramic bowls realized by Italian maestro have very particular forms and ornaments, so that they are true protagonists in every dressed table.