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Perugia y alrededores

  1. Corciano

    Corciano According to an ancient legend, Corcianoowes it name and its origins to Coragino, mythical friend of Ulysses. Its Etruscan-Roman origins are documented from the discovery of a small etruscan necropolis and from numerous finds located at its municipal offices.In 1242 Corciano was a free city, although very closely related to the nearby and dominant city of Perugia. The renaissance period was very... Detalles
  2. Deruta

    Deruta The origins of Deruta remain for the most part obscure. Of certainty are its links to Perugia, which has always been a valid bastion to the south, toward Todi, whose role is to this day witness of its fortified castle appearance. During the 13th Century Deruta had its own statute, followed by, in 1465, a new document in vernacular which foresaw the presence in the castle, in addition to a... Detalles
  3. Perugia

    Perugia Perugia, the great "Guelf strong-hold" rises up in the region's heart, with its 5 storical quarters closed-in by its Etruscan town walls. These enormous bastions formed by cyclopic square masses, were constructed 22 centuries ago and are still visible for long stretches.When the city of Rome was little more that an encampment of huts, one could already enter the etruscan Perugia Italy using one... Detalles
  4. Torgiano

    Torgiano The town of Torgiano still preserves its typical medieval appearance and the remains of its ancient walls. The Wine Museum is of great interest, containing a precious collection of storical documents regarding various sectors: the art of wine-growing and wine-making, and artistic, folkloristic and bibliografic documentation on the subject. You may also admire a very precious collection of... Detalles

Perugia y alrededores: para ver

  1. torre_strozzi
    Torre Strozzi
    Tipología: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Strozzi Tower, located in Perugia Perlasca Road, is now an exhibition, a real dedicated space where history, art and nature come together. Managed from the Art Center, with its annual program, it...
  2. Ipogeo di San Manno a Perugia
    Hipogeo de San Manno
    Tipología: Storia e Archeologia 
    More or less three kilometres away from the train station of Fontivegge, not too far away from via Cortonese, you can find the subterranean of Manno. It is constituted of an atmosphere quite large...
  3. Museo della Ceramica di Deruta
    Museo Regional de Cerámica de Deruta
    Tipología: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Museum of Ceramics in Deruta is one of the most significant historical and artistic interest of the district, the museum, located in the fourteenth century former Convent of...
  4. palazzo_dei_priori
    Palazzo dei Priori
    Tipología: Storia e Archeologia 
    Palazzo dei Priori, a superb expression of the city's municipal spirit, was built between the 13th and the 15th centuries.Its austere mass, completely closed in a vest of square stone and only...
  5. Teatro Morlacchi di Perugia
    Teatro Morlacchi
    Tipología: Teatri 
    The Morlacchi Theatre built on an old convent from 1777 by architect from PerugiaAlessio Lorenzini, with 27 stages for each of the 5 orders. In 1781 the theater wasinaugurated with...
  6. fontana_maggiore_perugia
    Fontana Maggiore
    Tipología: Storia e Archeologia 
    The most attractive feature of Perugia's Piazza Grande, which is now called Piazza IV Novembre, with which it is in artistic harmony also regarding its placement, is the Fontana Maggiore very...

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