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Place: Rasiglia - Foligno


The village of Rasiglia is a charming place, where you will rediscover the forgotten atmosphere of the little ancient things. Among the stone houses and the small squares, the hamlet is crossed by narrow streets alternating with wooden bridges, streams and waterfalls.

In this unique setting you can walk surrounded by nature and lulled by the roar of the waters, admiring the most picturesque views.


A walk in Rasiglia

It is difficult to describe Rasiglia in words, it is a place to look with your own eyes and listen with your own ears.

The village is very small, about fifty of stone houses set at the side of the hill that stands above them, as forming a natural amphitheater. Houses immersed in the woods and crossed by narrow streets and streams of pure water. The waters of the village are in fact fed by the sources of the Menotre river, which comes from these uncontaminated places.

Wander through its streets, let yourself be guided by the harmonious sound of the channels that flow between the houses and then widen theirselves to form beautiful basins.

The village is very old, the first documents that testify the existence of a settlement date back to the early thirteenth century. The good fortune of the place was probably due to the Via della Spina, an important trade route between the Adriatic coast and the city of Rome that crossed the territory just nearby.

Later, the strategic and military importance of the place diminished, but Rasiglia and its inhabitants were able to re-invent themselves as a rural reality. There, various peasant and artisanal activities flourished. They were related to the land work, undoubtedly facilitated by the presence of the springs and therefore the water power of the nascent river. This was decisive in the development of mills, factories and also dyes laboratories that worked fine fabrics.


The village of Rasiglia: what to see

It is true that streams and ponds capture the attention during the visit. Anyway, there are also other details not to be missed in Rasiglia, linked to its history and its rural and artisan vocation.


The ancient crafts of the village

First of all, the old mill: among the open activities, a shop is located inside the same building of an ancient and renovated mill. Enter to take a look at the artisan objects on display and take advantage to admire the ancient grindstone of the mill itself, still setted in its place.

The wash-house of the village is today completely restored, respecting its ancient function. It is also enriched by a vintage print placed just above the basin. It perfectly reflects the idea of its use in the past and the central importance it had for the local textile development, together with the spaces where the fabrics were dyed and worked.

This sector for the village has been so much fundamental that the inhabitants work together to carry out "Penelope a Rasiglia" every June. This event focuses on weaving and includes the re-enactment of some typical activities of the past, such as sheep shearing, wool dyeing or the ancient weaving workshop.


Walking to the ruins of the Castle of Rasiglia

For those who want to take a walk a little more challenging, we recommend taking the path that goes up to the ruins of the Castle of Rasiglia. The remains are located on the hill overlooking the village and in the past the castle had an irregular shape that was well suited to the characteristics of the hill itself. It had a mainly defense function, but it was also the noble residence for the Trinci family of Foligno, who built numerous castles and fortifications in the area between the 14th and 15th centuries.

In 2006 renovations started and today the remains of the castle consist of a section of walls with defensive towers and of the ruins of the main keep.


Rasiglia: how to get there?

Those who have been there call Rasiglia the "little Umbrian Venice", for the characteristic channels that make it unique. Anyway many people also among the residents do not yet know this corner of paradise. Where is Rasiglia then?

The village is part of the district of Foligno and is located about 20 km from the city. If you are coming from Foligno, continue along the SS77 that leads to Colfiorito and then deviate along the SS 219 Sellanese which detaches from the first one to Casenove to descend towards the Valnerina.

Just a couple of km after passing Casenove, the houses that border Rasiglia will appear on the left . Unfortunately, the spaces are limited and the parking lots are very few, usually visitors leave their cars along the main road. However, we report a parking available on the left for those coming from Foligno, just passed the main intersection of the village.

The plaques of "Rasiglia and its sources" and a poem in homage to the village will welcome you: from here you can start your wander inside, walking freely and admiring the many details that decorate and enhance the place.