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Things To Do In Gubbio

Discover the best things to do in  Gubbio, the "city of fools" with our mini-guide. The best things to do and typical food of one of the most fascinating Umbria's cities.

Let's begin our Gubbio tour from the Cathedral, the main church in Gubbio and art treasure. Enter inside to admire the works of the greatest Gubbio's artists of the sixteenth century  and the two organs of the same age kept there.

The scenic and panoramic piazza Grande also hosts the symbol of the town, Consuls Palace, built in Gothic style and witness of the importance of Gubbio in medieval times. Inside it you will find the municipal museum, the "big bell" and the seven "Eugubine Tables", dated between the third and second centuries BC, definetly the most important document for the history of the ancient italic people.
In front of the cathedral it's easy to look at Dukes Palace, built in the fifteenth century according to the will of Duke Federico da Montefeltro, of which you can admire the studio (a faithful copy of the original exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York) as well as a wonderful inner courtyard consists of a series of arches supported by columns and decorated capitals.
Don't forget to visit the St. Ubaldo's House, the ancient tower house where the Gubbio's patron saint used to live.This house dates back to a period between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, as evidenced by some traces of the original wall decorations in the inside.

Perhaps you did not know that ... >> In S. Ubaldo's House, once every 25 years, there is the restoration of  "Ceri" ("candles"), the undisputed protagonists of  Gubbio's Corsa dei Ceri

Outside the ancient walls you will note a real Roman Theatre which dates back to the first century BC and has been renovated between the nineteenth and the twentieth century. Now the Roman Thatre hosts classical performances during the summer season.

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Things to do in Gubbio

There is more to do in Gubbio in one day.  Do not leave the "city of fools," without a trip to Ranghiasci Park, the green area that climbs along the old walls starting from one of the ancient gates of the city and offering one of the best views of Gubbio.

Perhaps you did not know that ... >> Only in Gubbio you can get the "fool licence". How? Reach Largo Bargello where you will find a small fountain. Run for three times around the fountain and you will earn a "fool licence" (and eugubina citizenship )!

If you do not suffer from vertigo worth the climb to the summit of Ingino Mount (908 m asl) with the cable car to admire St. Ubaldo's Basilica which hosts the remains of the saint and the famous Ceri.

If you like to discover the real city life, visit to one of the ancient blacksmiths shops that will you find around the town, where they still work  incandescent materials beating on the anvil.

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Gubbio's food, Umbrian cuisine, Italian food

You got hungry? Discover what our mini-guide suggests you about what to eat in Gubbio!

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There is a lot of choice on what to eat in Gubbio;  typical delicious dishes you can not leave without having tasted! 

Try  crescia  (a kind of flat salted bread  to taste with the local cured meat or with Friccò of lamb, duck, chicken and rabbit), cheese pie, the dishes with truffles and brustengo, a fried bread that can be eaten and served with bacon, ham, sausage, onion and rosemary. The traditional desserts include the Ganascioni of  Saint Lucia's Sisters, which were formerly offered together with the Barcarolle (barley coffee and anisette).

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