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Eurochocolate In Perugia

Eurochocolate in Perugia

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Perugia returns to be the chocolate capital with Eurochocolatefrom 19th to 28th October 2018. A unique experience, where chocolate is both proposed as a product and also as an instrument of knowledge of different worlds and cultures. And there is more: this year Eurochocolate will have a great recurrence to celebrate!

The well-known manifestation celebrates its 25th edition, a silver wedding then for an edition that will retrace the most significant stages of its history, promising a special program even more rich in events.

The first edition dates back to October 1994, with the current intends to remember and recall all its gluttonous history. In fact, President Eugenio Guarducci states:

"We will retrace the steps that have made this event famous, also thanks to the participation of some of the protagonists, national and international, of the chocolate world that have passed in these years for Perugia. 25 years of history are an important goal, but certainly we will not be imprisoned by the nostalgia of memories".

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Eurochocolate 2018

 In the main square Piazza IV Novembre, in the heart of Perugia and Eurochocolate, a super chocolate sculpture will always be installed. This year, there will be a Maxi box of chocolates: 24 meters for a box containing 25 assorted chocolates.

This sculpture has a precise meaning: Eurochocolate is in fact like a box of chocolates, in which you never know what can happen! The public will have fun taking unique and original selfies to share, while the stage will be animated by fun games that will allow visitors to receive delicious tastings. Also, you will have fun sharing a unique and original selfie.

And this is because Eurochocolate is also sharinga gluttonous feast and, at the same time, an experience to live in company! 


 And it does not end here! If it is true that it is a birthday, a full party can not be missed. Then mark in your agenda the 23rd October 2018, the date of a special party: there will be a big chocolate cake and the 25 candles will be turned off to celebrate Eurochocolate. Speaking of silver wedding, moreover, particular attention will be dedicated to couples who are also celebrating 25 years together: they are invited to write to the organization to the email Not to mention the couples celebrating the 50 year milestone: the event will also be dedicated to them, with a special greeting to those present.

One of the most awaited events is the revival of Cioccolatomania, a success from the first editions of Eurochocolate, well impressed in the memory of the fans. This is a special guided tasting course, which will be repeated through testimonies of the protagonists of that time, often young talents who have become real national and international protagonists.

Another of the most beloved events of the Eurochocolate editions that will be repeated now is Sweet Moments: these are secret events that will take place throughout the event in a spontaneous and unpredictable way. To announce them, a simple message on the social platforms of Eurochocolate, which will be released shortly before the performance of these surprise artistic guests!

To have a memory of each special edition, guests are enchanted by a new line of chocolate products, inspired by the annual theme of the festival and made by Costruttori di Dolcezze of Eurochocolate. Last year we had music theme: there were chocolate cassette tapes, vinyls, CDs, radios and piano keyboards of white and dark chocolate. We are still waiting about the 2018 new line!


Discovering Chocolate

All the old city center will turn into a real paradise for gourmands: an open-air general store of chocolate, with thousands of products and more than a hundred companies of the national and international confectionery sector!

The best chocolate companies, both artisanal and industrial, will be present at the festival with their stand through the streets of the center of Perugia.

Here there are some examples: [FROM THE EDITION 2017 - WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR UPDATING]
- Lindt, in Piazza della Repubblica, with a charming glutton path and the new Mini Praline all to taste;
- The historic chocolate Icam with the passion to the made in Italy chocolate of Agostoni family;
- Pernigotti and its rich variety of delights, from Praline and Snacks to the Creams, in addition to the Spalm Beach area, equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas for a moment of chocolate and relax;
- Caffarel and its famous Gianduiotto, a perfect mix of the best chocolate with the precious hazelnuts IGP Piemonte;
- Cecilia e Paul - cioccolato originale will bring you to discover the best artisanal chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate tablet;
- Eraclea, ready to bring you in the tradition of the world of italian hot chocolate with its 24 tastes, in addition to the new yogurt cold cream and the Eraclea coffee to enrich the sweetness of your chocolate cup;
- Creamy Yogurt Fage Total all to enjoy;
- Ricola, the inimitable Swiss herbal candy with its 13 special tastes and the new one of Herb Caramel;
- the exhibition spaces of the artisan chocolate makers ... and much more!

There will be then the classical appointments as the famous Chocolate Statues, scheduled on Sunday 15th October in Corso Vannucci, Piazza IV Novembre and Piazza Matteotti.

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Stand, workshops and tastings

Are you ready to become a real chocolate expert? You will walk through the stands and discover the most good and special products made by chocolate, and of course with Eurochocolate you will take part in guided tastings, workshops and meetings, to learn all the features and the secrets of chocolate and its world. Joining is free and easy, you only have to subscribe to one or more of the appointments! The calendar will be available in October, so follow us to stay up to date!

Without forgetting the kids: every afternoon and on the weekend there will be many educational meetings about cocoa and chocolate, expecially dedicated to the children, to learn while having fun and enjoying sweet tasting!

Handling and cake design, preparation of biscuits, discovery of the production of fair chocolate ... the definition of programs is in progress. The laboratories are free and open to all children, it is not necessary to reserve.

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