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Museen und kunstgalerien

Museums and art galleries in Umbria: information and insights

Bella Umbria offers a list of museums and art galleries in the region with information about locations, opening times, ticket prices and contact details to contact the individual museums. In addition, each museum has an in-depth section on the history and works and collections to visitors.

  1. Museo Archeologico Perugia

    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Il Museo Archeologico di Perugia costituisce la raccolta archeologica più importante del centro Italia. Ha sede all'interno del complesso di San Domenico, nell'area adiacente alla Basilica cui si...
  2. Glass Museum of Piegato at Trasimeno Lake

    Piegaro (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Nel piccolo borgo di Piegaro si trova il Museo del Vetro, affascinante esempio di archeologia industriale e importante testimonianza di una delle attività storicamente più diffuse nel...
  3. Fishing Museum of San Feliciano at Trasimeno Lake

    Magione (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte  POI 
    A San Feliciano al Trasimeno si trova il Museo della Pesca, centro di documentazione e testimonianza dell’attività che per secoli è stata la principale del Trasimeno.La pesca per il Lago...

    Assisi (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Ad Assisi, un patrimonio sotterraneo di inestimabile valore risalente al periodo romanoPochissimi luoghi al mondo sono come Assisi. Ogni anno, milioni di turisti visitano il borgo umbro, noto a tutti...
  5. Geolab Science Museum

    San Gemini (TR)
    Typologie: Cosa Vedere a ...  Musei e Gallerie Arte  POI - Attività per Bambini 
    A San Gemini, all’interno dell’ex chiesa della Misericordia, sorge il GeoLab.Nato da un ‘idea di Piero Angela, il Geolab è il primo esempio in Italia di museo interattivo dedicato alle scienze...
  6. Permanent Exhibition of Ancient Crafts and Rural Life

    Assisi (PG)
    Typologie: Arte e Cultura  Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Exhibition of Ancient Crafts and Rural Life, next to 'Casa Nuova' farmhouse in Assisi, near Perugia, thanks to the Fortini family and their passion for ancient things, especially related to the...
  7. “Giuditta Brozzetti” Hand Weaving Museum-Atelier

    Perugia (PG)
    Typologie: Arte e Cultura  Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Giuditta Brozzetti artistic hand weaving laboratory was founded in 1921 by Giudittta Brozzetti and is one of the few remaining hand-weaving workshops in Italy today.
  8. Museum der Mumien in Borgo Cerreto

    Cerreto di Spoleto (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The museum of the mummies of Borgo Cerreto is situated within the Documentation Centre "Baronzio Vincenzi", a scientific and cultural point, birth on a first collection of archaeological finds...
  9. Diözesanmuseum von Gubbio

    Gubbio (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Diocesan Museum of Gubbio is housed in the Palais des Canons (XIIcentury), in the heart of the city of Gubbio, a short walk from the cathedral stands.The Museum houses...
  10. Collezione Burri

    Città di Castello (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Thanks to donations by the artist Alberto Burri of the first 32 canvases to hishometown in 1978 was born Burri Collection. Today it displays about 130 worksin the...
  11. Nationalmuseum des Herzogtums von Spoleto

    Spoleto (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The National Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto, which opened August 3, 2007 (the original design dates back to 1982), headquartered in the Rocca Albornoz, placedin a prominent position above...
  12. Nationale Archäologische Museum von Orvieto

    Orvieto (TR)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Papal Palace in the historic center of Orvieto is home to the National Archaeological Museum, which collects in its exhibition space the two Etruscan...
  13. Stadtmuseum des Hl. Franziskus

    Montefalco (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Museo Civico di Montefalco which is housed in the former Church of St. Francis, held its exhibition in the apse, which houses a cycle of frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli, the...
  14. Nationalgalerie von Umbrien

    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The halls of the National Gallery of Umbria are arranged in the Palazzo dei Priori in Corso Vannucci, inside the Palace, five-story, two of which (the second and...
  15. Archäologisches Museum von Foligno

    Foligno (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    In Piazza della Repubblica in Foligno, there's Palazzo Trinci a monumental complex consisting of a merger of houses and towers, now became the Museum of the cit. In the exhibition...
  16. Landesmuseum für Keramik in Deruta

    Deruta (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Museum of Ceramics in Deruta is one of the most significant historical and artistic interest of the district, the museum, located in the fourteenth century former Convent of...
  17. Museum der Portiunkula

    Assisi (PG)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Porziuncola Museum is located in the municipality of Assisi and it is part of the guided itinerary of the sanctuary of Santa Maria degli Angeli. The tour concerns the places related to the human...
  18. Archäologisches Landesmuseum

    Acquasparta (TR)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The State Archaeological Museum of Spoleto is located within the monument, the former monastery of S. Agatha, the museum houses the first traces of a civilizationin the area of...
  19. Museum Eroli

    Narni (TR)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Eroli Museum of Narni is one of the most important museum systems in the province of Terni: named to Giovanni Eroli (1813-1904), historian, archaeologist and antiquarian native...
  20. Museum der Mumien

    Ferentillo (TR)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Museum of the Mummies of Ferentillo is one of the most characteristic and most visited museums in the area, located under the Church of Santo Stefano, within twenty-four meters long with a crypt...