About Us

The project Bella Umbria is a tourist site dedicated to the region of Umbria. It was born in 1999 from the idea of the founders of the firm Green Consulting, firm that has always been the owner of the management and property of the project.


Green Consulting S.r.l.

Head office Tacito n°101, 05100 Terni

Executive office Str. Santa Filomena n° 38, 05100 Terni
6 phone lines with switchboard
Tel: 0744 471502 – 0744 436456 – 0744 431492
Fax: 0744 431492


We are a team of young professionals united by love for the land, the passion for your work and united by the one great goal to always do better and more and more. We strive daily to ensure the to users and customers of project the quality of service.


Paolo Mandrelli,
Co founder of the project Bella Umbria,
responsible of the Marketing area




Detailed and updated information on the Umbria region

Affiliation and visibility of the area hotels and restaurants

System to check the availability and online booking

Section of last minute and offers

Newsletter’s service to keep informed of events and tourist offers

Solutions for specific holiday

Social section, Facebook and Twitter, with presentation of events, facilities, photo albums, videos, interviews, articles and contests where you can share experiences, opinions, pictures and participate in contests with chances to win great prizes

Customer care service to receive suggestions and to answer those questions to which the site has not been able to answer.




  • May 1999 publication of the first version of the site, initially only in Italian
  • July 1999 publication of the English version of the site
  • July 2000 Inauguration of the 1° restyling of the graphics of the site
  • July 2001 Inauguration of the commercial centre for the purchase of typical products and Umbrian handicraft and 2° restyling of the graphics of the site
  • May 2002 publication of the newsletter service
  • June 2002 3° restyling of the graphics
  • May 2003 publication of the area for the online booking of the receptive structures
  • February 2004 4° restyling of the graphics
  • June 2006 5° restyling of the graphics
  • July 2007 start pay per click advertising service
  • August 2009 Open Channel Twitter
  • June 2010 Bella Umbria arrives on Facebook
  • August 2010 Bella Umbria celebrates its 1,000 fans on Facebook
  • September 2011 6° restyling of the graphics
  • November 2011 Bella Umbria arrives on Google Plus
  • April 2012 Bella Umbria celebrates his 10,000 fans on Facebook
  • June 2012 New edition of Portal



  • In 2011 has reached the number of 6 million page view and 1.350.000 unique visitors
  • 350 receptive structures client in April 2012
  • 100 structures dedicated to the catering clients in April 2012
  • Classified among the first 20 best projects in Italy, in the category travels and tourism of the competition WWW of “IlSole24Ore” for 5 years, in 1999, in 2000, in 2001, in 2002 in 2005 and in 2006; therefore always since the site exists and since the specific category inside the classification of the competition WWW has existed
  • More than 200 mails received each month
  • More than 5700 persons registered to our newsletter
  • More than 16.000 likers (2012 August) who follow us on our Facebook page
  • More than 80 new registrations to our newsletter each month



IlSole24Ore on January 21st 2000 reported Bella Umbria among various tourist sites.

The Messaggero on January 28th 2000 was describing Bella Umbria as “very functional” and “of quality”.

Panorama Web, supplement of Panorama on March 29th 2001, reported Bella Umbria among the main tourist sites of Italy.

In Viaggio, tourist magazine of the Mondadori, in the issue number 53 of February 2002, focused on Umbria, dedicated an article to Bella Umbria.

“The rich website is extremely updated on events and performances, but it also represents an excellent starting point for those who want to identify a tourist itinerary ad hoc (and also maybe book recommended structures for accommodation); the website also proposes a selection of offers for last-minute stays.”
Touring N.17 of September 2006

“Hotels, country farm houses, restaurants, typical products, theatres, museums, events, manifestations, tourist news, descriptions of the monuments, maps, street maps, of every commune of Umbria.”

“Site dedicated to the Umbrian beauties. A lots of information dedicated to churches and edifices.”

“Information to life in the best way the green region: art, nature, traditions, hotels, restaurants and tourism.”

“A very beautiful site, that is also a complete tourist guide on line to know this green region. Among the tourist information you will find all the monuments and natural beauties, the scheduled events, the best tourist itineraries. A large space is then dedicated to the Umbrian gastronomy and to the resources and structures for tourists” from

“Site complete of information, images, maps, to travel around the Umbrian history, culture and nature. From itineraries to information for leisure time, from hotels to handicraft, up to the forecast news: nothing lacks. Not even the newsletter.”

During the Round Table of June 12, 2010 organized and promoted by the communications Semioticando of Ilenia De Rosa entitled “Communication and culture to revitalize tourism” held at the Hotel Aequa – Vico Equense, including case studies, is defined as an “example of excellence in the tourism ‘s promotion of Umbria region”.

The Messengeroon March 11, 2011 speak about Bella Umbria in the article “Here how find tourists” by Luciano Gianfilippi describing the main features and giving the same one vote more than 7.


The Messengeroon March 28, 2011 in an article by Frederick Calo writes an article dedicated to the portal, entitled “ to stay connected to the Region”, which tells the history, issues, developments and good positioning of the portal in the search engine.




Student: Sara Moretti
Univerity: Perugia ” Department of Letters and Philosophy
: Internet and the Multi linguistic Communication in the Economic Promotion of Umbria.

Student: Giuseppe Raffaelli
Univerity: BA in Economics and management of the enterprises, Department of Economics, University of Perugia.
Title: a model of success business.

Student: Andrea Mancini
Univerity: Master of I° level Expert in Culture of Enterprise, organised by the Department of Economics and the Department of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Perugia.
Title: The “Viaggiare Web” Project