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The Franciscan Baths

The Franciscan Baths

Typologie :
  • Nature et Environnement
Adresse: Via delle Acque, Spello - Spello
Téléphone: 0742.301186


In the heart of Umbria, near Assisi you will find the Franciscan Baths in Spello, an ideal place to spend moments of absolute tranquility in contact with nature. The spa park is open all year round and fed by springs of sulfur water, used for centuries for the treatment of various diseases thanks to the numerous indoor and outdoor pools (summer season), the spa and the terapeutic treatments area.

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The Franciscan Baths in Spello are powered by mediomineral cold water (13.5 ° C) from the source of San Felice and have a chemical composition typical of sulphurous waters, calcium bicarbonate, alkaline-earth.

This water was used for centuries for therapeutic purposes and it’s still used for the treatments of many pathologies as: ear, nose, throat, respiratory, cardiovascular, gynecological, rheumatic and dermatologic diseases.

Currently at Franciscan Baths these types of treatments are provided: APPARATUS - OTHORINOLARYNGOLOGIST SPA: INHALATIONS used for treatment of the upper airways. AEROSOL used for treatment of airway deeper. ENDOTYMPANIC INSUFFLATION used for the care of deafness. HUMAGE consist of the diffusion of substances emanating from the sulphurous water. NASAL DOUCHE OR MICRONIZED NASAL DOUCHE: cleansing with mucosal decongestion action. BALNEOTHERAPY SPA: It operates for the treatment of ailments of arthro-rheumatic diseases and how the activation system of circulation. It is practiced in swimming pools or individual pools. HYDROMASSAGES: They're indicated both as diseases of musculoskeletal system as chronic inflammatory rheumatism, articular rheumatism, motor rehabilitation and diseases of the circulatory system as syndromes post phlebitic varices and artereoterapie obliterans. SHOWER: They're used as stimulators of the circulatory system for the treatment of diseases dermatologic and in the aesthetic medicine (aestheticisms, cellulitis, etc.) PATHS VASCULAR: from which they benefit the disease characterized by reduction of arterial flow and slowing of venous circulation. DERMATOLOGICAL TREATMENTS SPA: They using the action of sulphurous water for the treatment of diseases of the dermis such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne etc. DRINKING CURE SPA: take this type of water as a drink helps the digestive processes and has a protective action against liver.

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