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Itinéraires Polino

Itinéraires et parcours touristiques Polino

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  1. Narni - Rocca 3
    Narni: Things To Do
    The ancient origins of Narnia date back to 300 b.c. when the Romans settled in the Umbrian town, an important fortification for the construction of the Via Flaminia. But the atmosphere is the most medieval, especially vivid and charming during historical reenactment of Corsa all?Anello! What are the most important things to do in Narni? Find out with our mini-guide!
  2. Itinerario Amelia
    De Castelluccio di Norcia à Amelia - Splendeur antique et éternelle
    From Castelluccio di Norcia to Nursia, through San Pietro in Valle and Ferentillo, Valnerina is a territory rich in art, history, wildlife, traditions and gastronomy. We end our trip on the traces of...
  3. Foresta Fossile di Dunarobba
    De Todi à Montefalco - Dans l'éloge des petites villes
    Umbria is made up of hundred of small towns, often hidden between hills and cliffs. This route leads us from Todi to Montefalco, through Acquasparta, Massa...
  4. Cascia_-_Rassegna_dei_presepi
    Discovering the 5 most characteristic Christmas Cribs of the Lower Umbria
    The Umbria is one of the Italian regions by the oldest and most important historical, folk, religious and art tradition. Is no exception one of the most important holidays of the...
  5. Terni
    Terni: Things to do
    What are the best things to do in Terni in a day? Terni " The Italian Manchester " is a city of mainly modern traits that can hide inside pleasant surprises for tourists!
  6. San-Gemini-2
    San Gemini: Things To Do
    What are the best things to do in San Gemini? Discover with our mini guide the ancient medieval village in a beautiful Umbrian landscape, famous for its mineral waters, the fascinating archaeological site of Carsulae and the medieval atmosphere that you breathe during La Giostra dell'Arme!