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Giostra Della Quintana - The Revenge

Giostra della Quintana - The Revenge

Type d'événement:
  • Nourriture et festivals
  • Folklore
  • Reconstitutions historiques et des tournois

Téléphone: (+39) 0742 354000


During your Summer in Umbria and in Foligno, do not miss the famous event "La Giostra della Quintana". From 15th to 16th September, there will be The Revenge, the second race of the Quintana Reenactment (the first one, The Challenge, is held every year in the month of June).

In Foligno there will be the new edition of this ancient competition, where you will enjoy one of the most excing chivalrous Italian race.

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On Sunday 16th September there will be the race of The Revenge; before this event, you will find taverns, games and entertainment all over the city. And also night shows dedicated to the children, theatral shows, gastronomic tasting...

A great mix of folklore, traditions and gastronomy, until the 16th September, when all the people will participate in the final chivalrous race.

Here the Program of the Giostra della Quintana - The 2018 Revenge

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Enjoy the Quintana - The Revenge Race!