Turismo Rural Ferentillo

Turismo Rural Ferentillo: casas de campo, estructuras rurales y agroturismo a Ferentillo

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  1. Residence Le Rocche

    Ferentillo, Terni - Tipología: Apartamentos de alquiler para uso turístico
    Residence Le Rocche The residence Le Rocche is located in the highest part of the historic center of Ferentillo and is bordered by the walls of medieval castles. Its apartments are equipped with appliances.Special features of the residence is the presence of a small SPA: a swimming pool, a sauna and a jacuzzi.
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  2. Santa Croce

    Ferentillo, Terni - Tipología: Turismo rural
    Santa Croce The Agriturismo Santa Croce is situated inside the Natural Park of the Nera river. The XIV-century sighting tower with its medieval court outstands majestically in a rank centuries-old olive yard and there are six comfortable apartments, most of them with fireplace and private garden and modern comfort.
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  3. Le Due Querce

    Ferentillo, Terni - Tipología: Turismo rural - Camping
    Le Due Querce At the doors of the Valnerina valley, immerged in the green along the S.S. 209 road, at the center of the fluvial park of the Nera river, the country farm house "Le due Querce" is the ideal place to rest with quietness and to regenerate the body at the contact of nature.
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