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2011 Festa Del Bosco (feast Of The Wood) - Products Of The Forest And Of The Undergrowth Market Exhibition, 28th Edition

2011 Festa del Bosco (Feast of the Wood) - Products of the forest and of the undergrowth Market Exhibition, 28th edition

Montone de 29/10/2011 a 01/11/2011
Tipo de evento:
  • Artes y Oficios
  • Comida, el vino y las fiestas
  • Mercados y ferias
  • Mostrar
  • Música


Every year, during the last week of October and the feast of the November 1st, Montone (PG) hosts its Festa del Bosco - Mostra mercato dei prodotti del bosco e del sottobosco) (Feast of the Wood - Products of the forest and of the undergrowth Market Exhibition). The 28th edition will be from October 29th to November 1st, 2011.

Spectators can enjoy, between the outdoor stalls, truffles and products of the forest and undergrowth such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, mushrooms, chestnuts, honey and many other precious fruits, but also works of Altotiberini master craftsmanship. But not only oenogastronomy: works of the Altotiberini master craftsmanship, the streets and buildings of the village will be filled with exhibitions, shows and music.

The event will start on October 29th from Piazza Fortebraccio at 8:30 am with a hike on hilly routes, to discover the area and the mills of the Valle del Carpini. For info, we refer to the .pdf program of the feast. The botteghe opens at 10:00, the official inauguration of the exhibition market at 17:00. Closing at 21:00 with a performance of the Male Choir of the City of Asti "I Fieuj d'la" at the Church of St. Francis.

The October 30th starts with another excursion, this time walking through the woods looking for mushrooms. At 9:00 am from Piazza Fortebraccio. At 21:00, always from Piazza Fortebraccio, "The Colorado juggling with fire and not only...".

Monday, October 31st there will not be an hike. The day will end at 21:00 from Piazza Fortebraccio with the shows of fire eaters and stilt walkers traveling by the TIEFFEU.

Tuesday, November 1st2011 at 9:00 walk in search of truffles. As the last event of the 28th edition of the Feast of the Wood the concert "I Solisti di Perugia", 21:00Church of St. Francis.