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The Minimetrò

The Minimetrò

  • Arte y Cultura
Dirección: Piazzale Bellucci, 16 - Perugia
Teléfono: 075 5058753
Fax: 075 5155133


The Minimetrò is the characteristic means of transport Perugia ecological and innovative that allows you to reach the center without having to use the machine.
Designed as cutting-edge solution in the field of alternative mobility, the Minimetrò contributes fully to the preservation and enhancement of the natural and urban environment, to improving the quality of life and the system of relations, the reorganization of spaces, times, times the city.

Designed to meet the need to overcome the classical scheme of the transport of Perugia, where all the connecting axes converge on the city center, is a public transportation system alternative to the rubber able to make a real its route network in the city of intermodal character.

The Minimetrò connects the area of Pian di Massiano to the historic center, ‭ ‬ through the the following stations: Pian di Massiano Terminal -‏ ‎Cortonese Railway -‏ ‎Madonna Alta Railway -‏ ‎Fontivegge Station -‏ ‎Case Bruciate Railway -‏ ‎Cupa Railway -‏ ‎Pincetto Terminal

The Pian di Massiano Terminal is equipped with a large parking lot from 3000 places where the exchange takes place between car, public transport buses and coaches,as well as of a small shopping area.

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The MiniMetro system has been made by Leitner Ropeways SpA Sterzing ‭(BZ)‬. The artistic direction of the project Minimetrò was entrusted to the French architect Jean Nouvel. The works started in 2003 and were completed in January 2008 the allowing the opening 29 January of the same year, the day when the city celebrates its patron saint, San Costanzo.

The Mimimetrò is an automated system so is not expected board staff. The track runs partly on viaduct and tunnel part ‭(‬under the old town). 25 cars, long about 5 meters and can accommodate up to 20 people, are pulled by a rope at a constant speed of 25 km/h ‏(‎about 7 meters per second).

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The Minimetrò is available from Monday to Sunday, has an average frequency of passage of approximately 2.5 minutes and has the following hours of operation:


- Open to the public hours 7.00 a.m.

- Closed to the public hours 09.20 p.m. (Last hour race 21.05‏)


- Open to the public hours 8.30 a.m.

- Closed to the public hours 08.30 p.m. (Last hour race 20.15‭)

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