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Museums and art galleries

Museums and art galleries in Umbria: information and insights

Bella Umbria offers a list of museums and art galleries in the region with information about locations, opening times, ticket prices and contact details to contact the individual museums. In addition, each museum has an in-depth section on the history and works and collections to visitors.

  1. Regional Museum of Ceramics in Deruta

    Deruta (PG)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Museum of Ceramics in Deruta is one of the most significant historical and artistic interest of the district, the museum, located in the fourteenth century former Convent of...
  2. Museum of the Portiuncula

    Assisi (PG)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Porziuncola Museum is located in the municipality of Assisi and it is part of the guided itinerary of the sanctuary of Santa Maria degli Angeli. The tour concerns the places related to the human...
  3. State Archaeological Museum

    Acquasparta (TR)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The State Archaeological Museum of Spoleto is located within the monument, the former monastery of S. Agatha, the museum houses the first traces of a civilizationin the area of...
  4. Eroli Museum

    Narni (TR)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Eroli Museum of Narni is one of the most important museum systems in the province of Terni: named to Giovanni Eroli (1813-1904), historian, archaeologist and antiquarian native...
  5. Museum of the Mummies

    Ferentillo (TR)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Museum of the Mummies of Ferentillo is one of the most characteristic and visited museums in the area.It is located in Ferentillo, in the Nera Valley and at few kilometers from Terni, under the...
  6. Museum Ovo Pinto

    Baschi (TR)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    A unique museum that collects thousands of carved and painted eggs, fruit works of National Competition Show "OVO PINTO" born in 1982 in Civitella del Lago, the intuition of Anacleto Bernardini,...
  7. Archaeological Museum of Amelia

    Amelia (TR)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Archaeological Museum of Amelia is one of the major museums of the city center, currently housed at Palazzo Boccarini, preserved Roman and early medieval archeology, archaeological remains of the...
  8. The Museum of the captains of fortune and peasant

    Alviano (TR)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Museum of the captains of fortune and of civilization is located in the basementof the Castle of Alviano and collects tools and farm implements of the agricultural world. The museum...
  9. Lungarotti Oil museum

    Torgiano (PG)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Created as a companion collection to the Wine Museum by Lungarotti Fundation, the Olive and Oil Museum is located in a small nucleus of medieval houses within the town walls.Olive oil as a...
  10. Collezioni Comunali - Municipal Collections

    Cascia (PG)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    This wood angel polychrome sculpture was realized by a disciple of Nino Pisano during the last quarter of the 14th century. The sculpture is 88 centimeters high and is kept in the Collezioni Comunali...
  11. Pinacoteca Comunale in Spoleto (Municipal Art Gallery)

    Spoleto (PG)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    This very particular portable crucifix, tempera on a table of 39x49 cm, was realized by the Maestro of St.Alò and can be admired in the Pinacoteca Comunale in Spoleto. The history of this object...
  12. CAOS Centro Arti Opificio Siri (Siri Factory Arts Centre)

    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The CAOS - Centro Arti Opifico Siri is an area of 6000 square meters born of the transformation of the former chemical factory ex Siri into a new center for modern and contemporary art that elevates...
  13. The Municipal Art Gallery "Orneore Metelli" and the Museum "Aurelio De Felice" until recently, were located in the eighteenth century Palazzo Gazzoli of Terni.Since March 2009 the...
  14. Visitor center and documentation "U. Ciotti"

    San Gemini (TR)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    A short distance from San Gemini and Terni stands the town of Roman origin of Carsulae, one of the most interesting archaeological sites of Umbria. To the south-east of the site...
  15. Guido Calori Museum

    San Gemini (TR)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Museum of Guido Calori is housed in the cloister of the seventeenth centurypalace that was once the convent of Poor Clares of San Gemini, located on the highest point of the...
  16. Lungarotti Wine museum

    Torgiano (PG)
    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Conceived and created by Giorgio Lungarotti and his wife Maria Grazia, the Wine Museum was opened to the public in 1974 and is now managed by the Lungarotti Foundation. It is located in Torgiano in...
  17. Strozzi Tower

    Typology: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Strozzi Tower, located in Perugia Perlasca Road, is now an exhibition, a real dedicated space where history, art and nature come together. Managed from the Art Center, with its annual program, it...