Hotel Monteleone D Orvieto

Hotel Monteleone D Orvieto: hotels in Monteleone D Orvieto

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  1. Orvieto

    Orvieto, Terni - Typology: Hotel ***
    Orvieto The Hotel Orvieto is located only 4 Km away from the historic center, and the new management is organized in such a way to welcome the own guests with care, paying attention to the smallest details.
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    Orvieto, Terni - Typology: Hotel *****
    Griffin’s Resortesort Griffin?s resort is able to welcome its guests in a setting that is deeply rooted in the traditions of Umbria and its countryside while, at the same time, displaying its elegance, sophistication and charm.
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  3. Villa Ciconia

    Orvieto, Terni - Typology: Hotel ****
    Villa Ciconia Villa Ciconia is located in Umbria, at Orvieto's door, is in a XVIth century elegant villa, surrounded by a large park with centuries-old trees. Careful restoration has preserved the period features ensuring every comfort for all Guests.
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  4. Gialletti

    Orvieto, Terni - Typology: Hotel ***
    Gialletti The Hotel Gialletti is close to the charming city centre of Orvieto: it was built in 1967 and today it is still the best visit card of the town itself, with its unique refined, although modern, appearance. Our 51 rooms are particularly comfortable and cosy, thanks to the perfect choice of fabrics, details, a warm parquet, refined carpets and...
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