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The Rocca Maggiore Fortress

The Rocca Maggiore Fortress

  • History and Archeology
Address: Piazzale delle Libertà Comunali - Assisi
Phone: 075 8155234


The fortifications of Assisi included two fortresses in addition to the walls: Rocca Maggiore at the top of the hill and Rocca Minore which strengthened the south-eastern corner of the walls. They were both built by Cardinal Gil de Albornoz around 1360 as part of his effort to restore papal authority in the region.

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Between 1458 and 1460 a polygonal tower was built at some 300 ft from the main fortress and the two were linked by a fortified passage. The objective of this addition was to increase the defence of the side of the hill towards Perugia.

Coats of arms of popes and local lords were placed on various parts of Rocca Maggiore to celebrate additions and enhancements of the fortress.

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Recent restoration works have made possible an opening to the stronghold for tourism and culture.

The interior of the Rocca Maggiore are interesting to visit: here you can admire the beautiful halls where they kept reconstructions themes inspired by medieval life. The view from the top of the keep discovery offers one of the largest and most suggestive places of Umbria: Assisi gathering at his feet and the beautiful Umbrian Valley.

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