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Ronnie Scott’s

Ronnie Scott’s

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Address: Piazzale Bosco 2/A - Terni
Phone: (+39) 0744 441502  


The Ronnie Scott's is a local restaurant and pub situated in Terni near the station. This place started as a typical "English pub" in October of 1997, is decorated with care to revive the classic english pub, with superb beers, sophisticated food and theme nights.

Since 2004 Ronnie Scott's has been extension and evolved to local contemporary versatile hybrid, with the creation of large kitchen and oven to embrace a greater range of people. The restaurant has a large room, a loft, a large bar and a platform outside for the summer, all furnished with elegance and modern style.

Each evening, the Ronnie Scott's is a place of reference to dinner with a la menu that goes from appetizers, to diet foods, salads, grilled meats, Irish and Argentine and pizza dish with oven sight but also after dinner, when the night lights up with live music, disco and all other types of events and parties.