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Calvi dell'Umbria

Calvi dell'Umbria

AREA CODE: 0744 POST CODE: 05032
AREA: 46kmq
HOLIDAY : 12 maggio
SAINT PATRON: San Pancrazio

Calvi dell'Umbria, the ancient Carbium, also is defined the happy door of Umbria. Carefullied layed down on one spur full of rocks between green hills towards the river Tevere, it is located at 410 meters above sea level.

Distant from Otricoli only 9 Km, is one ancient earth, rich of history, art and traditions. Already risen in the age of the Bronze, the top of the San Pancrazio mount still conserves the rests of a culture dated around the V century. The village in himself has instead Roman origins, demonstrated from the recent finding of plows, coins and other objects. 
In the XI century, Calvi bacame property of the Abbey of Farfa, and was uninterrupted dominion of the Orsini family, which was associated with the Pope, dominion which only finishes in the 1572. A lot of continuous and often violent and bloody fights for issues related with the relative borders the with close castles lightened the town and its abitant, at that point that, in order to bring peace between the different parts, the pope Callisto III had to name a commissioner. In 1798 the french troops plundered the country. Under Leone XII (1823-1829) the transition from the jurisdiction of the Sabina to that one of the Narni took place. The village must to this its belongings today to the region Umbria. To visit the town, passing towards the main public square,results in typical and colorful middle age ways, between ancient houses, towers, arches.

Once arrived in the main public square, the great monumental complex of the Monastero of the Orsoline, constructed in 1744 to the annexed Church of San Antonio is reached. In this last one a delightfull multicoloured porcelain representing thirty figures, finds lodging, dated the first half of the XVI century. Authors of the work would be, according to the tradition, Giovanni and Raffaele da Montireale. Of remarkable historical and artistic interest are the churches of octagonal plant, of SS. Trinità, erected in the first half of the ' 400, and the parochial church of Saint Assunta Maria which conserves paintings of great value on its inside. Calvi dell'Umbria is known also as the country of the mangers. In fact very many scenes of the Presepe (nativity), realization of recent murales from famous Italian and foreign painters, today embellishes the walls of the old houses. In addiction, during the Christmas period, the country accommodates a famous living manger. During the month of May of each year, the religious ceremonies and the historical events from middleage take place, evocating the festivity of Saint Pancrazio, patron of the protecting country and of the communal freedoms. In the day of the Corpus Dominis, the fest called in italian the infiorata occurs, with flowers spreaded on the ways and the alleys of the historical center becoming evocative and rich of colors.

Highlight - Terni neighborhood