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2012 Agosto Montefalchese (montefalco's August)

2012 Agosto Montefalchese (Montefalco's August)

Montefalco von 28/07/2012 Bis 19/08/2012
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The "Rail of Umbria", Montefalco, in the province of Perugia, is preparing to host the Agosto Montefalchese (Montefalco's August) once again, from July 28th to August 19th, 2012. The event is based on the reenactment of the Renaissance history of the town, where the 4 rioni (districts) St. Augustine, St. Bartholomew, St. Francis and San Fortunato) will compete in 4 races to win the Falco d'Oro (Golden Hawk) and the Palio del Toro (Palio of the Bull).

The 2012 Agosto Montefalchese will encounter with the Festival Assisi nel Mondo for Anteprima (Preview) Agosto Montefalchese: the Suffolk Youth Orchestra will perform beginning at 21:30 of July 28th, 2012 at the Complesso Museale di S. Francesco.

From August 3rd, 2012 the taverns will open, only for dinner and one for rione. The menus will be different, but they all involve, of course, the Montefalco Rosso and the D.O.C.G. Sagrantino di Montefalco.

Also this year the night of San Lorenzo (St. Lawrence's Night - The Night of Falling Stars), August 10, 2012 beginning at 21:30 at the Piazza del Comune, will be dedicated to Sagrantino Sotto Le Stelle (Sagrantino Under The Stars): tastings of DOC and D.O.C.G. Montefalco wines with the help of skilled sommelier, combined with traditional food and Gipsy Wood music by Nate and the Dagos and Mike Warren.

But the real 2012 Montefalco's August begins August 12th, 2012 when the various challenges come, deeply felt by the districts of the city.
It starts with Giochi di bandiere e ritmi di tamburi (Games of flags and rhythms of drums), at 21:30 Piazza del Comune, with the flag bearers and drummers from Montefalco, also known outside their borders, which will compete for the "Golden Hawk". The August 13th will be dedicated to 'I Santi Agostino, Bartolomeo, Fortunato e Francesco tra Storia, Tradizione e Leggenda' ('The Saints Augustine, Bartholomew, Fortunato and Francesco among History, Tradition and Legend'): a parade of over 300 people that enact, at the Piazza del Comune from 21:30, real-life situations of the early Renaissance. Each year the theme is different, and the square becomes an open air theater. On August 14th, 2012 (again at the Piazza del Comune, 21:30) there will be two competitions instead. The Tiro alla Balestra, where the crossbowmen must hit a target, a reproduction of a bull's head. The second will be a foot race, a relay race: la Corsa fra i Quartieri (the Race among the Districts).

The reenactment ends August 19th, 2012 from 21:30 at the parking area of Viale della Vittoria with La Corsa dei Bovi (The Race of the Oxes) which repropose in a not bloody manner a very old city tradition: la Fuga del Bove (the Escape of the Ox). At each district is assigned a bull to train and care for throughout the winter, so as to make him ready the evening of the racee. The Palio del Toro (Palio of the Bull) will go to the most courageous (and faster) rione.

The 23 days of the festival includes concerts, dance, theater and shows. In addition, from August 16th to 18th, 2012 there will be the Feast of S. Chiara with: Procession of Lights; Solemn Mass and oil offering for the votive lamp; concert of the Spello Philharmonic followed by fireworks; Fair of S. Chiara.

For the full programme, we refer to the enclosed .pdf at the bottom of the article or take a look to the website of the Pro Loco of Montefalco indicated at the beginning.

Fabrizio Galeazzi