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PROVINZ: Perugia
VORWAHL: 075 PLZ: 06066
FLAECHE: 99kmq
EINWOHNER: piegaresi
FESTTAG: 31 dicembre
PATRON: San Silvestro

The village of Piegaro rises among forests of oaks on top of a hill along the oriental side of the Nestore torrent valley. The development that the center had in middle ages for merit of some glass work masters from Venice who started here a flourishing activity, is obvious from the remains of the walls and the defensive towers. The city today offers the possibility to get inside the green of the umbrian forests along the paths leading to Monte Petrarvella and Monte Pausillo, or to visit the close middle age village of Cibottola, once the center of one of the first Franciscan convents.

im Vordergrund - Trasimenischer See

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