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Giano dell'Umbria

Giano dell'Umbria

PROVINZ: Perugia
VORWAHL: 0742 PLZ: 06030
FLAECHE: 44kmq
EINWOHNER: gianesi
FESTTAG: 30 ottobre
PATRON: San Felice

Giano dell'Umbria was erected in the 11th century in the region called "Normandia" because of the Norman stationment when these attacked the Duchy of Spoleto. After the destruction brought about by the Ghibellini ( 1435), the town was ceded to the lords Trinci of Foligno, afterwards it became a free comune and finally was subject to the Papal State. 

Any tourist who has decided to abbandon the more frequentated iternaries i and who wants to immerse himself in the Umbrian countryside, cannot evit a stay in this town, where there is the possiblity of admiring the castle, the church of St. Michele and St. Francesco and above all, the Abbey of St. Felice of the 12th century.

im Vordergrund - Spoleto umgebung