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Castel Giorgio

VORWAHL: 0763 PLZ: 05013
FLAECHE: 42kmq
EINWOHNER: castelgiorgesi
FESTTAG: 12 maggio
PATRON: San Pancrazio

Castel Giorgio, located on the summit of a high plateau, rises above the nearby Lake of Bolsena. The first settlements date back to the 6th century B.C. then it became access land for the Romans that lived in Orvieto. As with all municipalities of the Orvietano Region, the period of greatest growth was during the Medieval Period: it was in fact during this period that the Bishop of Orvieto, Giorgio Della Rovere, had a castle built which now bears his name. The same aforementioned castle is today the main tourist attraction of Castel Giorigio. Built in 1478, it was later destroyed during the battles between the Della Roveres and the Valentis. It was later restored and inhabited as a bishops' residence.

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