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VORWAHL: 0744 PLZ: 05023
FLAECHE: 68kmq
EINWOHNER: baschesi
FESTTAG: 06 dicembre
PATRON: San Niccola

The name of Baschi, which dominates from up above a valley in which flows a part of the Umbrian segment of the Tevere River, comes from Latin "vas: vasca".

From the discovery of important archeological finds, among which the bronze fragment called "Fragmentum Tudertinum" which bears some inscriptions of the so-called "Lex Tudertina" one can establish the obvious relationship of this town to the Roman Empire. During the Medieval Period, with the construction of the castle, the domination of the Family of the Baschi begins over the neighbouring lands. Many times during those years the village was caught in the struggle among the Basques, the Guelphs of Orvieto, and the Ghibellines of Todi until a marriage between some elite members of the two families in command, made the hostilities cease, sending the Basques toward the influential sphere of Orvieto. 

The Pasquarella Sanctuary, destination of pilgrimage, is erected near to the Corbara Lake, in a natural frame of priceless beauty. Within the city wall, is Saint Nicolò Church, built in the 16th Century, inside which one can admire an ancient pipe-organ. The water supply of this area, is well maintained by the majestic Corbara dam on the Tiber River, built to allow an artificial flow for the creation of hydro-electric power.

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