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Born in the fifties, at the beginning it was a simple “low dive”, then it was transformed into a typical restaurant. Here you can always taste fresh fish, cooked in different ways according to the local recipes.

Who doesn’t love lake fish, can try our meat (local and international meat, from Argentina, Ireland and Denmark) , cooked on a big fireplace. Our Trattoria is just 2 Km far from the upper Belvedere of Marmore Waterfalls, as well as from Piediluco Lake, along the provincial road.

From 2005 this restaurant was included in the famous gourmet guidebook “Il gambero Rosso”, (where all the best taverns and inns of Italy are listed).

Trattoria Teresa: Via Mazzelvetta 15 - 05038 - Terni - Tel: 0744/368158 - 335/6746610 - Fax: 0744/360006