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trekking umbria

Trekking Umbria

The pleasure of walking in the countryside

The walkers and hikers will find in Umbria the ideal area to best express their passion, from the High Tiber Valley to the Valnerina, Umbria is a region full of pathsand routes suitable for all ages.

From amateurs to the most intransigent  hikers among the hills of Umbria it's possible to enjoy the pleasure of a walk in the open air, in unspoilt nature and gorgeous views of the background (such as the plain of Castelluccio di Norcia).

The advice that we give you the best deal for the experience of the trekking is to bring some suitable equipment which must necessarily include suitable footwear for longroutes (preferably trekking shoes), light and comfortable clothes, a water bottle and a backpack with all the internal need for any case (rain tarp, first aid kit ,spare clothes) and is also well acquire a map of the area or better yet a gps device suitable for hiking.

Points d'intérêt

  1. oasi_di_alviano
    Oasis naturelle de Alviano
    The oasis of Alviano is, with the one in Colfiorito, one of the two natural zones in umbria where fauna e flora are protected. The lake was realised by the ENEL with a barrier, and was officially...
  2. Activo Park
    Parco Avventura Activo Park
    Activo Park is the perfect destination for those who love life in contact with nature, sports, and educational activities in the open air, tourists are always looking for new destinations and activities
  3. orvieto_under
    Orvieto Underground
    Orvieto, ville millénaire, suspedue comme par magie entre ciel et terre, nous a dévoilé un autre de ses aspects qui la rendent unique et exceptionelle: un dédale de grottes cachées dans...


  1. 1.1 5.1  551
    Best places for water rafting in Umbria
    If you love sport and adventure here is a mini guide to find the best places for water rafting in Umbria...maybe the best and funniest way to enjoy its rivers and falls!Umbria, land of waterfalls and...
  2. Itinerario Amelia
    De Castelluccio di Norcia à Amelia - Splendeur antique et éternelle
    From Castelluccio di Norcia to Nursia, through San Pietro in Valle and Ferentillo, Valnerina is a territory rich in art, history, wildlife, traditions and gastronomy. We end our trip on the traces of...
  3. Eremo delle Carceri
    De Assise à Pérouse - Le charme de la sublime
    Assisi is the shrine of Umbria’s artand spirituality: birthplace of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, its territory is still landmarked by their living memories. In our journey, we will also...



    Ferentillo, Terni - Typologie : Wellness spa - Historische residenz
    residenza-epoca-ferentillo-abbaziadisanpietroinvalle-esterno The Abbey San Pietro In valle is situated in Umbria, inside the National park of the Nera river. An ancient abbey with marvelous view on the valley, immersed in the nature and quietness of the Umbrian countryside.