Poggio Delle Rocche

Poggio Delle Rocche

Typologie : Restaurant
Loc. Case Sparse Precetto 12 - 05034 - Ferentillo (Terni)
Téléphone: (+39) 0744 - 780367
fax: 0744 - 780367


Sitting at the table at Poggio delle Rocche means to dedicate, at that moment, their lives to the natural taste of foods and beverages, rediscovering the taste and aroma of the flavors of the past.




The farmhouse respects those are the rules and canons of cooking with natural ingredients.




Nothing is left to chance.




From appetizers, passing the first, main courses and side dishes everything is strictly authentic and homemade.




The dishes are made ​​of local, pasta, meat, vegetables, legumes, are products of the land surrounding the farm.




The nose becomes prince of the table and accompanies most of the tastings presented by Poggio delle Rocche.




Red wines that create their own alliance with red meats, lamb, veal, pork, rabbit and chicken.




And the scent of authenticity you feel when you get near the South Poggio delle Rocche.




You feel it in the air, the smell that emanates from the burning embers that cooks the tender meat resting on the grid.




Meat wrapped in local spices and watered by the precious olive oil Muraiolo.




The water boils in the pot and wait for the dive of pasta that has since been prepared by expert hands and with precious natural ingredients.




Everything is ready to satisfy your gourmet pleasure.




Enjoy your meal at Poggio delle Rocche.



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