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Il Collaccio

Il Collaccio

Typologie : Restaurant
Loc. Castelvecchio - Casali Cordella - 06047 - Preci (Perugia)
Téléphone: 0743 - 939005 - 939084
fax: 0743 - 939094


At Ristorante "Porcello Felice" (Happy Pig

Restaurant) you can eat great food at surprisingly

low prices for a very good reason: le signore

Baldoni (the wives of the Il Collaccio owners)

cook as if they were cooking for their own family

using all of the wonderful local products.


Specialities include dishes made from fresh local

black truffles, wild boar, river trout, prosciutto,

salami, lentils, spelt and pecorino (sheep’s) cheese.


The region is also famous for the quality of

its meat and sausages, which are prepared

for you char-grilled. The traditional wood fired pizza oven produces delicious pizzas too! These are particularly popular with

the children who love to watch them being made as

well as eating them! To complete the experience,

the Il Collaccio owners have personally selected

the wines for you so you can enjoy the best

the region has to offer.


As well as the elegant interior of the restaurant,

our guests can also dine ‘al fresco’ on the beautiful

covered terrace that surrounds the restaurant

and enjoy stunning views of the valleys and surrounding villages.


Most of the items on the menu are also available for take-away so you can enjoy the food wherever you are staying!




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