Ferm San Potente

Via Cagliari, 18 - Foligno, Perugia
Téléphone: (+39) 0742 670383
fax: (+39) 0742 670383


The olive groves of the farm San Potente are located between Assisi and Spello, the slopes of Mount Subasio. In a pristine environment and respecting thetraditions is produced extra virgin olive oil of great value.

A distinctive characteristic of San Potente olive oil is its very low acidity, generally lower than 0.2%. Its scent is the characteristic perfume of green olives and fresh grass and it boasts the the classic bitter, spicy flavour typical of Umbrian olive oil.

If you are interested in olive oil production in Italy and wish to come and discover how the olives are harvested, the branches are “combed” and the nets are filled with our plants’ precious fruit, we invite you to come and visit us...


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