La Collina Di Collevalenza

Collevalenza Loc. Collevalenza - 06059 - Todi (PG)
Typologie : Country House
Départ de:

 Situated in a panoramic location, in the suggestive Todi landscape with its countryside waiting to welcome you" La Collina di Collevalenza". The warm family atmosphere, the attentive and thoughtful welcome, the relaxing and comfortable surroundings, all combine to create the utmost in hospitality . Follow the outlines of the soft rolling Umbrian hillsfrom the "malva" room...enjoy the silence of naturefrom the "genziana" room.gaze at the stars from the balcony of the "olivo" room. Every corner of "La Collina" is in contact with the surrounding nature. 
  • Équipements:

  • Dégustations à la cave et pressoir à olives
  • Parking gratuit
  • Parking non gardé
  • Restaurant
  • Types de traitement:

  • Demi-pension
  • Pension complète
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Types de logement:

  • Chambres
  • Emplacement:

  • Colline
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