Hypogée Des Vomumni

Hypogée des Vomumni

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Among the 38 tombs dating back to the Etruscan period dig away in the rock that are part of the necropolis of the Palazzone, the most famous one is the subterranean of the Volumni discovered in 1840 at the outskirts of Porta San Giovanni.

It is a series of underground atmospheres with roofs decorated, reproducing together the form of a roman house one can enter through steep stairs: the "dromos". On the right frame of the entrance door we can find the Etruscan dedicatory inscription in three vertical lines, that allows us to give the property of the tomb to the Volumni (Velimna) family. On the large hall with gable roof and on top of which was placed the image of a wiz kid, are located three small cells on each side, the "cubicula", and a cell at the back, the "tablinium". We are not sure of the date of this "tumulo" but more or less it can be dated back to the second century before Christ. In the "tablinium" are placed the urns, one in marble and five in travertine.

The oldest and most important urn is the one of Aurente Volumnio, head of household and judge, painted laying down on his funerary bed while he is presenting offers to the gods. In the low part are carved two Lase, immoral divinities with wings placed as guards at the doors of the Ade. Next to the subterranean there is an important collection of small urns, coming from the nearby Necropolis of the Palazzone and a small museum, with objects found inside the tomb. 

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