Grands Événements Ombrie

Les événements plus importants en Ombrie avec des informations et des idées sur l'histoire, les traditions et curiosités.

  1. festa s-rita-new
    Feast of St. Rita of Cascia, Ritiane Celebrations
    Feast of St. Rita of Cascia, Ritiane Celebrations - Every year from May 12th to 22nd
  2. Festa-dei-ceri-Gubbio
    Festa dei Ceri and Corsa dei Ceri
    The 15th May of each year is a date marked red on the calendar of the "eugubini", the inhabitants of Gubbio. It is infact the day of the "Festa dei Ceri", one of the most exciting event of Umbria and probably of...
  3. Ponte 1° Maggio Umbria
    Long Weekend of May 1st in Umbria
    May 1st, Labour Day or Workers Day, is a celebration shared by many countries and it was born as a celebration of the achievements obtained by the workers through the exercise of their rights.In Italy, the festival falls a few days after the 
  4. Cantamaggio Ternano
    Cantamaggio Ternano
    The "Cantamaggio" is a festival celebrating the return of spring and the waking up of nature from the winter sleep; The origins of the manifestation seems to legated to pagan and tribal rites linked to countryside practices that intended to celebrate the return of the good...
  5. Primavera nella natura
    Long Weekend of April 25th in Umbria
    April 25, Anniversary of the Liberation of Italy also known as Liberation Day, is a celebration with a strong cultural and political connotation but it is also one of the first days of spring holidays where you can often take advantage of a few days of...
  6. pasqua1
    Easter in Umbria
    In a land that is synonymous with spirituality and ancient traditions, where the Easter rites are celebrated with intensity and participation, live Easter in Umbria is definitely an unforgettable experience!
  7. infiorate spello vincitore 2013
    The Infiorate of Spello
    Spello (Perugia) every year, to adorn the path of the procession of Corpus Christi, hosts the Infiorate of Spello.As the name indicates, there are flowers arrangements made by real artists, with the collaboration of local citizens and...
  8. Corteo Corpus Domini Orvieto
    The Feast of Corpus Christi in Orvieto
    As every year on the Feast of Corpus Domini (Corpus Christi, Body of Christ, 2nd Sunday after Pentecost in Italy, 9th after Easter, ed), Orvieto relives the solemnity of the ceremony, both religious and purely popular. "To lead the dance" is the...
  9. Italy, Sibillini Mountains, Castelluccio of Norcia, flower bloom
    Long Weekend of June 2nd in Umbria
    After the Long Weekend of April 25th and May 1st the Long Weekend of June 2nd in Umbria concludes the cycle of the spring breaks, and served as prelude to the summer holidays. Usually at this time of the closeness of summer makes itself felt conceding warm temperatures and sunny days that are ideal for those who want to spend a few days away from home.
  10. Foligno, Giostra della Quintana
    Giostra della Quintana (Joust of the Quintana)
    Foligno (PG) hosts every year the exciting Giostra della Quintana (Joust of the Quintana), ancient manifestation that has its roots in the local history of the city. The event revived in 1946 after a century break, keeping the traditional...
  11. rsz_331_foto_fiorita_2
    La Fiorita: La Floraison de Castelluccio di Norcia
    Castelluccio di Norcia est plus que juste un petit village de l'Ombrie. Castelluccio est une émotion, un lieu magique où l'homme et la nature se mélangent et retrouvent leur harmonie.Connu en italien avec l'appellation de “borgo”, petit et ancien...
  12. spoleto_festival
    Festival of the 2 Worlds, Spoleto Festival
    The Festival of the 2 Worlds in Spoleto (PG), also known as the Spoleto Festival and Spoleto Festival of the 2Worlds, is one of the oldest and most important festivals in Umbria, as well as a world-renowned event and for a while...
  13. ferragosto-umbria
    Mid-August Holidays Umbria
    Ever tried to spend the Mid-August Holidays in Umbria? Green land, full of history and charm. And the Green Heart of Italy is the perfect place to spend this holiday in relaxation and tranquility. Or shifting. There's something to suit everybody's...
  14. umbriajazz
    Umbria Jazz
    The largest and most famous festival in Umbria!Who doesn't know Umbria Jazz, one of the most famous Jazz festival in Italy? 10 days of the month of July where Perugia devoted himself and embraces the best of the Italian and...
  15. Festival Eurochocolate di Perugia
    Eurochocolate is the event dedicated to chocolate par excellence, the most important of Umbria, if not even of italy. The annual event takes place in Perugia every October, exactly after Summer when is shooting at full speed the chocolate consumption.The...
  16. 1° Novembre Umbria
    All Saints' Day in Umbria
    The "long weekend of All Saints", " the 1st November long weekend" or "Halloween holidays" are the first break, the first vacation after the return to work at the end of Summer holidays. Some days to spend with your...
  17. Albero di Natale Gubbio
    Gubbio Christmas Tree, the biggest Christmas Tree in the world
    Gubbio and Christmas have had a common bond since 1981, when on the slopes of Ingino Mount the inhabitants of Gubbio (called "Eugubini") had decided to "build", in honor of the local Patron Saint Ubaldo, a...
  18. Natale Perugia
    Christmas in Umbria
    The Umbria is one of the Italian regions by the oldest and most important historical, folk, religious and art tradition. Is no exception one of the most important holidays of the year, Christmas. Rewarding those who want to pass in an intimate, calm and cosy....
  19. Fuochi Artificio
    New Year's Day in Umbria
    Here, even the year 2014 is going to end and like every year we look around and ask ourselves, "where we will spend New Year's Eve 2015?"You are seeking peace, and you like to spend New Year's Eve away from everyone, with your loved ones...
  20. I
    I Primi d'Italia (The First Courses of Italy)
    I Primi d'Italia (The First Courses of Italy) is the first and only National Festival of First Courses. Pasta, rice, soups, gnocchi, polenta are the protagonists of the more appetizing culinary marathon of Italy. An event that...