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Feasts In Umbria At August

Feasts in Umbria at August

Avigliano Umbro, Montecastrilli, Sellano, Perugia, Stroncone, Assisi de 01/08/2019 à 31/08/2019
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  • Art and Culture
  • Nourriture et festivals
  • Folklore
  • Marchés et foires


Umbria is the land of gastronomy and good food, also in August!

Summer is the season of food for the region, thanks to many events that are involving the cities and the villages of the area. In Umbria there are a lot of Summer events called "sagre". This word means "event dedicated to food", expecially to traditional dishes that are typical of the region or of its different areas.

Also the smaller villages are working to create events and feasts, in a spirit of collaboration and harmony. The "Sagre" Events are a perfect example of communities that work together to create something of beautiful for theirselves and for the visitors.

Participate in these gastronomic events in Umbria: you will taste the most delicious specialities and you will live this special parties atmosphere of sharing.


Follow our suggestions!

Here you will find a list of the Umbrian "Sagre" Events of August. Are you ready to discover them?!

Sagra of Manfricolo

Avigliano Umbro (TR)
From 3th to 15th August 2018

Three delicious varieties of Manfricoli are served during the August of Avigliano Umbro, in its typical taverns, white, red and "zozzona"! Music and dancing night, theater, shows and many events in program, among which also the famous "Mille e Una Notte", the White Night.


Sagra of Ciriola Copparola

Coppe in Stroncone (TR)
From 5th to 14th August

Fresh pasta based on water and flour, rigorously handmade prepared: so we obtain the "ciriole", one of the most typical dishes of the cuisine of Terni and its area. Come to taste them during this event expecially dedicated to them, you will taste: ciriole with truffle, with tomato sauce, with vegetables, 4P ciriole (with tomatos, bacon, chili peppers and pecorino cheese), tris of ciriole (truffle, 4P and vegetables) and... every night a different surprising kind of ciriole!


Sagra of Torta al Testo "cooked under the cinder"

St Egidio (PG)
From 3th to 12th August

A rich program and many events for this sagra, one of the most full of participants of Umbria. Many gatronomic products, absolutely local ones, and the dish par excellence: the torta al testo typical of Perugia, a special pizza cooked on the red-hot testo and covered by cinder, with its unique and crunchy flavour. It must to be tried!


Sagra of the Reenactment of the Cotta del Carbone Vegetale

Pomonte (PG)
From 6th to 15th August 2018

A traditional feast in an enchanting village, where you will taste delicios local products and special daily dishes... In addiction, music and entertainment, competition of cakes and a great fireworks show on the night of 15th August.


Sagra of Fried Frogs

Quadrelli (TR)
From 6th to 15th August

During the Mid-August Feast of Quadrelli, you will also find the typical "Tavern of Frogs". Here you will taste typical dishes of the local tradition and the special fried frogs! Shows, exhibits, outdoor theather in the local dialect, music and much more, until the 15th August and the closure with the fireworks show!


Sagra of Fojata and Attorta

Sellano (PG)
From 8th to 14th August 2018

The "Fojata", Umbrian typical recipe with a really ancient origin, is a salty tarte with a very thin wrapping of pasta, stuffed with chards, spinach, chicory and other vegetables, pecorino cheese and eggs. "Attorta" is instead a sweet dish, a cake composed by a pasta dough stuffed with honey and dried fruits, wrapped itself up in a spiral form. These and many others dishes to taste, in this 16th edition of the special event dedicated to the gastronomic products of the Nera Valley.


Feast of the Ancient Flavors

Rivotorto of Assisi (PG)
From 10th to 19th August 2018

This special event is dedicated to the flavors of the past, for rediscovering and revaluing the most authentic traditions of the region, in the frame of the small village of Rivotorto of Assisi. All the dishes are handmade and cooked on the moment: handmade pasta and the typical strangozzi pasta, the local bread and the torta al testo, the spit roasted meat and the traditional cakes.


Sagra of the Lamb

Villanova (PG)
From 10th to 19th August 2018

31 edition for this Feast of the Lamb and the typical Umbrian products (known as Feast of the Macedonia). The event is dedicated to the exquisite meat of lamb, cooked with care, and to the best gastronomy of the region, accompanied by refreshing fruit salad with peaches, apricots, plums, prunes, melon and watermelon... perfect during these sunny days of Summer! And also music, dances, entertainment for old and young!


Sagra of the Duck

Montecastrilli (TR)
From 14th to 23th August

"Under the Stars of Montecastrilli" is the Summer event dedicated to the Duck meat, a typical product of this territory: pappardelle pasta with sauce of duck, rosted duck meat with potatoes or casareccia duck meat, and many others local specialities to taste! In program also music, dances, entertainment and a special Baby Space for children


Sagra of Snails

Cantalupo (PG)
From 17th to 26th August

Event dedicated to the snails of Cantalupo of Bevagna with typical recipes of the local farming tradition. The menu of the sagra offers to all the participants many dishes based on snails, prepared as tradition wants.


Sagra of Boar Meat

Guardea (TR)
Waiting for definitive 2018 dates

In the city of Guardea there will be the 23th edition of this traditional sagra, among dances, music and good food!


Sagra of Shrimp and lake fish of Trasimeno

San Savino (PG)
Waiting for definitive 2018 dates

The charming village of San Savino, nestled on the hills that surrounded the Trasimeno Lake, will hold the 33th edition of this sagra based on the typical products of the lake and delicious fish dishes.


Other informations about the Umbrian Sagre are coming!